Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What I Think About Blogs

I think that a blog is a way for people to express themselves or just share information they found to be interesting. I don’t really have a picture in my mind for someone who is a blogger. I just think of them as a person who has an online diary. I think that people who blog aren’t different than people who don’t. Everybody has a way to let out their frustration or struggles. Blogging is just one of those ways.  Personally I don’t like writing too much but I like visual things. I have a Tumblr account which is a social media platform but some people use it as a blog. I follow a couple people that write about their life and problems their facing but mostly I follow a lot of entertainment blogs. A writing class could use a blog because it’s a way to practice our writing and to improve. I think we will use a blog to be able to share our writings not only with our classmates but with anyone who would be interested to read it. I feel like it’s mostly going to be functional in this class.

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