Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Abilities as a Communicator

  • My strengths as a communicator
  • Am I funny
  • Am I happy when I compose song lyrics

My strengths as a communicator is different for the type of communication. I talk to myself a lot to think about problems and make decisions. In class, I don't usually speak out loud first because I like to think about it and talk to myself about it. I find it easier to solve problems if I think it through first. When I communicate with other people, I'm usually a better listener. Listening is an important part of communication because you have to listen to actually receive the message people are trying to send. I don't really communicate through social media but I do text frequently because it's easier to get a hold of my friends. We all have different schedules with school and work. I always have my phone so communicating through text message and even email is something I'm good at. I'm not, however, a good public speaker. 

Am I funny? I think I'm funny around my friends and family because I'm comfortable around them.

I have never tried to compose song lyrics but I like to sing even though I'm not a good singer.

How I Can Become a More Confident and Competent Communicator: 
  • Practice my public speaking skills (which I will be doing in my speech last Tuesday and Thursdays at 11:00am)
  • Be open to new ways of communicating
What I want to focus on:
  • Writing (of course)
  • Technology..(I'm not the greatest with computers)
  • A new experience of a writing class :)

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