Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing and Design

The discussion between writing and design has helped me to understand that written communication is also a way for you to express yourself. It's important to be creative and think outside the box. Design can be the way you write depending on the audience, the font you use, or even simply adding pictures or color. Written communication has to be informative but also interesting. I also understand how important written communication is along with oral communication. I'm looking forward to trying a photo essay because it's so different from other essays I have done.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What I Think About Blogs

I think that a blog is a way for people to express themselves or just share information they found to be interesting. I don’t really have a picture in my mind for someone who is a blogger. I just think of them as a person who has an online diary. I think that people who blog aren’t different than people who don’t. Everybody has a way to let out their frustration or struggles. Blogging is just one of those ways.  Personally I don’t like writing too much but I like visual things. I have a Tumblr account which is a social media platform but some people use it as a blog. I follow a couple people that write about their life and problems their facing but mostly I follow a lot of entertainment blogs. A writing class could use a blog because it’s a way to practice our writing and to improve. I think we will use a blog to be able to share our writings not only with our classmates but with anyone who would be interested to read it. I feel like it’s mostly going to be functional in this class.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Abilities as a Communicator

  • My strengths as a communicator
  • Am I funny
  • Am I happy when I compose song lyrics

My strengths as a communicator is different for the type of communication. I talk to myself a lot to think about problems and make decisions. In class, I don't usually speak out loud first because I like to think about it and talk to myself about it. I find it easier to solve problems if I think it through first. When I communicate with other people, I'm usually a better listener. Listening is an important part of communication because you have to listen to actually receive the message people are trying to send. I don't really communicate through social media but I do text frequently because it's easier to get a hold of my friends. We all have different schedules with school and work. I always have my phone so communicating through text message and even email is something I'm good at. I'm not, however, a good public speaker. 

Am I funny? I think I'm funny around my friends and family because I'm comfortable around them.

I have never tried to compose song lyrics but I like to sing even though I'm not a good singer.

How I Can Become a More Confident and Competent Communicator: 
  • Practice my public speaking skills (which I will be doing in my speech last Tuesday and Thursdays at 11:00am)
  • Be open to new ways of communicating
What I want to focus on:
  • Writing (of course)
  • Technology..(I'm not the greatest with computers)
  • A new experience of a writing class :)